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Re: How long do you plan to BF?

I nursed my 1st for 13 months but I was young and thought that you only nursed for a year. Now that I know better my dd is 17months and nurses all day and night still. I am pregnant with #3 now and I am hoping that she nurses at least untill #3 is born. It is just really hard for me because we ALWAYS have yeast infections and thrush so everytime I nurse it is really painful for me and I have to stop her. It has been like this for over a year and I have not found anything to stop it yet. The reason is she is always sick and she takes inhaled asthma meds everyday that cause yeast and she is on antibiotis alot.

Any suggestions. I have tried a homemade cream of nystatin, neosporin and hydrocordazone and it only helps if I use it all the time which is really a pain to have to put it on and wash it off everytime she nurses.

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