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Re: How long do you plan to BF?

With DS1 I set a goal for one year, and then I'd see how it played out after that point. At 13 months he had pretty much lost interest in nursing, it had dwindled down over the past two months or so to just one night feeding, and he wasn't really nursing at that feeding, just sucking for comfort. He was very enthusiastic about solids and my milk had pretty much dried up at that point. So I replaced the night feeding with a sippy of water and that was that. I kind of regretted it afterwards and tried to offer him the breast, but he was totally uninterested in it.

I am setting the same goal for DS2: one year, and then see how it plays out. I think he might nurse longer, because he is very enthusiastic about it and has nursed really well from the start, whereas with DS1 it was more difficult.
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