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Re: How long do you plan to BF?

I was only able to nurse part-time until DD was 6 months. My supply was very low. This was partially due to the problems we had with jaundice. DD had a very high level of jaundice the first week. They had to put her in the glass covered beds with 2 big bili lights shining on her and a bili blanket underneath her. During the week we were in the hospital, DD wasn't able to nurse and it was a full day before they finally got a pump to me and I didn't have one at the time. Basically this killed my supply and it took quite a bit of pumping and nursing to get it back to a decent amount. I finally got it close to where it needed to be when I had to go back to work and having to cut back my nursing and trying to fit in pumpings at night and then waking up during the night to pump so she'd have milk at daycare didn't help. We moved when she was about 6 months and she weaned herself during that time and moved to full time formula...she's on 2% milk now...D milk gave her gas. I would have liked to BF longer but everything just seemed to work against us then. I have a good Medela pump that I got soon after I started working again when DD was about 2months and I'm hoping that with the next one, I'll be able to make it full time BFing until at least 6 months...though I'd love to go to a year.
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