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Re: Ok, all your teething aides needed NOW--Update w/ ped suggestions!

So I finally spoke to our holistic ped and she had some new suggestions that I thought might help in case anyone else was looking for some homeopathic teething pain remedies.
She suggested Camilia (a liquid in little one-serving packets), which she said is a tad sweet, so babies like it and it reduces swelling and has worked wonders for most of her patients. I forget the maker--starts w/ a B. Every 3 hrs. during pain-- every 1 hr. at night if needed.
Also, she said clove EO is a great antiseptic and can numb her gums naturally. She said it's VERY potent and to dilute it w/ organic canola or olive oil, then rub it onto DD's gums. She said to try it on yourself to make sure it's not so strong that it burns.
I found all of this stuff at Whole Foods and am armed and ready for tooth #2 (though I won't mind if it waits awhile to come)
HTH anyone out there looking for some good solutions!
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