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Re: Just back from 6mo ped visit--heart murrmer

I'm going to pray about how I'm feeling because it's really hard for me to decipher my concern as unwarranted fear or if I should really be paying attention to my suspicions. I'm sure I'm not the only mama who wonders/thinks/worries between the "am I really neurotic about this" and the "no, I should go with my instincts" and the "just follow the ped's advise" and the "there's nothing to worry about" .....AGH, many pp told me about how a mother worries and it never ends and I'm really starting to understand.

Good point about the arthitis...I don't believe it runs in mine or DH's family. I really don't have a clue about her arms/shoulders but I really *feel* that something isn't right. She starts screaming when anticipating us reaching for her arms to put on clothes. That just doesn't seem right to me and it's been like this pretty much from day 1 but with the GERD, the crying really muffled out any other reason for discomfort/pain. Now she's doing well on the current medication, I can decipher her cries/whimpers/fusses pretty well and these really seem like discomfort/pain. It just sucks because I really dislike putting clothes on her because of her crying/screaming- but what mama of a baby girl doesn't get excited about all the cute baby girl clothes?
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