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Re: Need some help with my 3yr old PLer

Dd1 is like this, and I took away the diapers yesterday morning and so far, so good naked, but I'm working on the underwear part. She loves wearing underwear, but she would pee in them like diapers before. This time, what I'm trying (we'll see how it works) is using plain underwear, and putting pants over top (as she is usually in a diaper and nothing), and then if she pees she has to strip it all off, a little reminder that she should pee in the potty, putting it in the laundry (NOT the diaper pail), and then new ones. I am thinking about trying the no-undies dress idea but our first outing is the doc's office and I don't want her to pee on the floor. Today we went outside in trainers (but Gerber trainers so not very thick at all) and a skirt and messed around with the garden and with sprinklers on, and she stayed dry and as soon as we went inside, she stripped to the waist and went back to the potty, lol. So for now, I am totally happy with that. I figure skirts with no undies will be the indoor solution when people are over until she's used to it, but that's my going-out solution for now.
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