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Re: What would you do?

I saw the thread and as I clicked it, I thought, oh I'll write that I would give them the beneift of the doubt and email them and see if there was some sort of mistake etc BUT crusty stuff?!?!?!?!?

Yeah, thats tooooo much for even me.... I now have a + thought about what I am going through.... I may have been conned out of my $$ & have nothing to show for it, but atleast I didnt get an envelope of

The only time I've had "crusty" is BEFORE I wash my dipes, & I dont rinse or dump or anything (well I kind of shake the 2yr olds out alittle but he has looser bowels-little more than the baby's BM poo so I dont waste precious seconds on it ) When I throw them in the wash, I unfold everything & turn covers, fitteds, & AIO's inside out---NEVER HAD CRUSTYS......SO, I am even wondering about them being washed ast all......
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