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If you have a business and file taxes you can CLAIM the following things:

#1 MILEAGE -any driving you do regarding your business- driving to buy fabric or packing items, driving to and from the PO, etc...

#2 POSTAGE- whether included in the price or not. Whether sold as "free shipping" or not.---It doesnt matter.

#3 STORAGE- if you work out of your home you can deduct part of your mortgage, utility bill, internet fees, etc...

#4 Computer, Printer, anything you buy to use for your business...

OH AND OFF THE DIAPER TOPIC BUT----ANYONE can claim MILEAGE regarding ANYTHING MEDICAL... to and from the doctor, to and from the store to get medicine, etc
AND you can claim ANY $$ you pay toward ANY MEDICAL item----medicines, Co-pays, medical items, etc...

We get like $5000+ back each year after deductions...
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