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Re: DS was born at 35 weeks with immature lungs.. how come others are so lucky??

I have been on both sides of the fence and after that I am no longer upset, jealous, or bitter about it...only blessed to have the healthy children I have today.

I have had my first at 37 weeks and my last 2 were 33 weekers (with PTL and in and out of the hospital since 27 weeks). My first was a GIRL and she was in the NICU with the suck, swallow, breathe problems, jaundice, and she couldn't regulate her body temp. I just knew my DS would be there longer since he was a boy and at the same gestation, I was mentally prepared for a 2+ week NICU stay...and a miracle happened and he never went even for observation, I did have the steroid shots but I was told it was almost unheard of for a 33 weeker even with steroids to go home. I now have new motivation and hope to keep my next one in longer because it was amazing bringing him home. I don't have harsh memories of the NICU with DD though, I remember a sleeping, peaceful baby who I spent tons of uninterrupted time with- no TVs, visitors, people, or distractions, just a rocker in a room where we could spend time together...of course I'd have rather had her at home, but I cherish the memories I had in the NICU too, it has made me a stronger person I am today. God will never allow me to experience something he does not think I can handle, and I can only grow and learn from the experiences (and miracles) he's given me
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