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Wow, who knew it'd be so hard?

So I'm looking for a new pediatrician for my daughter because the last one we had wanted me to stop nursing the moment she turned 12 months and was very pushy about more vax's. Well who knew that it would be sooo hard to find one that didn't mind that I don't want anymore vaxs (she's had up to 6 months), that I want to bf until she weans, that I cloth diaper and co-sleep and don't believe in CIO. I had yet another doc (actually the one who supervised the c-section) refuse to take her because of the vax thing...I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever find one....what is the deal with doc's not wanting non vaxing kids??? Are they afraid my daughter will get the other's sick? Which kind of contridicts the whole point of vaxing right?
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