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Re: Chores for your dc?

My two year old has a chore. We have a shoe cabinet, and it is his job to pick up shoes and put them in the cabinet. If I say "it's time to clean up!", he starts looking for the shoes. A lot of the time, he does it w/out being asked, too, and when he takes off his shoes, he puts them right away.

Obviously, he doesn't get an allowance, yet. He'd just eat it, anyway.

Our 12 year old (my step-son) has chores that he is responsible for, but he does not get paid, because my DH and I agree that helping out around the house is part of being a member of a family. So DSS cleans the cat boxes 2 or 3 times a week, and sets the table and cleans his bathroom 1x a week.

When he wants to earn $$, we have other "paying" jobs he can do, like stuff out in the yard, washing cars, vaccuming the cars, cleaning the garage. Basically, stuff that I or DH would do otherwise.
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