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Re: "If she'd just talk to her, she would start talking!" gmil and mil rant

Originally Posted by mommyto3girls View Post
So I guess if they meant direct language instruction, no I hadn't done much like that but I didn't do that with Maia anyway. If it were snack time and she was getting Crackers I might say This is a cracker. See a cracker." BUt I never spent that amount of time on teaching a word
I'm sure MIL and GMIL didn't do that much intervention with their dc. And what I have found, is that a lot of kids don't need that much direct intervention. My two ds did. My dd and 3rd ds did not. (I just praise God that 3rd ds is ahead in speech and signs!) But, now that you know what she'll respond to, just take a little time ea day and continue. That is all a speech therapist does after all! So if you get speech from ECI and you're taking a little time, you'll probably find she'll get caught up quickly.

On an aside, I told MIL about your plight and told her I appreciated that she'd never said anything like that about least when I was in earshot! She laughed. She said she can't help GMIL; she recently said something about other her other GDIL. MIL told her it's none of her business, and their baby is healthy. It's just a different age than they're used to. (How about that for a progressive MIL?!?) Anyway, there is hope for your IL's. Just continue to love your children and they'll grow and blossom. You're doing a great job!
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