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Re: Chores for your dc?

Everyone is expected to help out around our house either by not being asked or if someone asks. But I do pay 25 cents for each chore for my 11 yr old as part of an allowence. She has 3 specific things that she has to do daily to earn that money (feed dogs dinner, keep room clean and keep bathroom clean). If she did all of them by the end of the week she could earn $5.25, I can tell you so far in the past few weeks she has only earned the full amount 1x. I do a check each evening and mark it off on the list by her door.

In this new parenting book I've been reading see post

They mentioned having your child do your chores or other things he/she doesn't normally do to earn or pay for extra things. For example my 11 yr old wanted to download some songs from itunes and I told her how is she gonna pay for them (she had already used her allowence). So we came up with the idea for a week she will make my husbands lunch and then she can get the songs. Well guess what she's done's much more motivating for her than money!

Another one was she was wanting to get her hair straighten. So we made a deal if the leaves were raked and put in the greenwaste by Thursday she could get it done. Guess what, it was done on Tuesday!

So chores seem to be a motivation instead of money. But the Key is it has to sound like it was their idea.

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