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Re: Chores for your dc?

My boys have chores..BUT not for $$$...I mean, who is going to PAY them to take the garbage out or wash the dishes when their an adult???? Its part of being a family....

We start givnig out chores as soon as possible, usually by age 2yrs at the latest, so they are used to it and its not a culture shock later.

Our kids daily chores:

switch laundry
take out garbage
sweep kitchen
do dishes
make bed

Our weekly chores:
clean bathroom
take garbage cans to curb
help put away laundry

OK, and for allowance...they do get an allowance...they get thier age X 2.
So, our 11yr old get $22, 6yr=$12, 3yr=$6, 10mth old=$2
It goes into their bank account. They pay for any sports fees etc out of thier $$ too.....
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