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Re: Chores for your dc?

Originally Posted by mamallama View Post
Our 12 year old (my step-son) has chores that he is responsible for, but he does not get paid, because my DH and I agree that helping out around the house is part of being a member of a family. So DSS cleans the cat boxes 2 or 3 times a week, and sets the table and cleans his bathroom 1x a week.

We are the same way with our 5 year old. We think it is important that he learn that you help the family in whatever way you can without expecting anything.
He's responsible for unloading his groceries (juice boxes, apple sauces) when we buy groceries. If we need help setting the table, he is called to help. He also puts up all his fold up clothes.

As far as money is concerned, he collects change around the house. He knows that certain money is for bills, groceries etc. He then asks if he can have the change before doing so and when he collects enough we take him down to the bank.
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