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Re: Chores for your dc?

Chores are a big deal here. My 20 month old doesn't have a chore, but he helps to pick up toys and books or he'll take something to the dirty clothes. He's a good helper. We get each child a chore chart form the local teacher supply store and decide on the list. Some things they always get "stuck with"
like oldest DD unloads dishes because she is tall enough to put everything away, while youngest DD loads the dishwasher. Each girl and my 4yo son will cook one night a week. The cooker has to clean the kitchen. They have things on the list that are not chores like DS has to pee before bed and they each have to say a Bible verse before they eat supper. Every monday night we have a family meeting and discuss all of our little things and brag/admonish about the chores. I don't pay the kids for chores, they're just a fact of life.

We have a huge garden and we can our food. They all know how to put out a garden and put up food. it's part of our working together for the sake of the family. Next year we'll be getting chickens and the next year we'll be getting goats, then the next year cows. we'll all have more chores then.

I know kids that don't have any responsiblities and I feel sorry for them. When my nephew spends the night, and it's time to eat, the kids all come in and wash up and start their chores...fixing drinks, setting the table.... He just sits down as if he's ready to be served and when it's over he just gets up and leaves. I'm glad that my kids know to clear their own dishes.
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