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Originally Posted by christinewith4
If you have a business and file taxes you can CLAIM the following things:

#1 MILEAGE -any driving you do regarding your business- driving to buy fabric or packing items, driving to and from the PO, etc...

#2 POSTAGE- whether included in the price or not. Whether sold as "free shipping" or not.---It doesnt matter.

#3 STORAGE- if you work out of your home you can deduct part of your mortgage, utility bill, internet fees, etc...

#4 Computer, Printer, anything you buy to use for your business...
Yes, it's true that you can claim all these deductions, but only if one has profits to deduct them against. So tax deductions are useless if you have nothing to deduct them from since most of the tax one pays is based on the business' profits. And most WAHM's can't wait until the next spring to recoup their costs.

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