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Re: Need some help with my 3yr old PLer

The only thing that is working for now is the skirt/dress/or nightgown thing with no undies. I guess I can live with that for now at home. My problem is going to be going out in public. I can just see her flashing someone at the park and me getting banned from the place or something....She is not a shy one at all.

Today we are trying just panties and nothing else and seeing how it goes. So far so good.

The other thing I picked up on on accident...We got a piece of mail from Disney Land with princesses on it. I told her it was a special letter from Sleeping Beauty and she says that dd can come see her castle if she can go to the potty all of the time and NOT pee pee or poo in her princess panties anymore. Her face lit up and I seemed to have struck a cord with it. So Hub and I are putting together a special piece of Mail for DD with brand new princess panties, a sticker chart with princess stickers, and a Tiara, gloves, a special dress as rewards for her stickers along the way, along with a letter with special instructions from the princesses. It is going to re-touch on the You can come visit my castle(with pictures) if you don't pee or poo on your special princess panties. We will see how it goes. We are planning a trip to go see my dad(who lives in Orlando) in January so if she is going potty all of the time by then we will be making a special trip to see the mouse and the princesses at their castle.
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