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Re: Is co-sleeping that bad?

I've always co-slept with my little babies, once they start getting squirmy and inturrupt my sleep I start to transition them to their bed. I also try to keep naptime in the PNP/crib so they're not in a strange place one night, kwim? My mom & dh both tried to discourage co-sleeping sighting how dangerous it is and blablabla. Sorry, it was the most comfortable thing for me and my baby(ies) and I was able to get more than 45mins of solid sleep.

If/when you do transition, I'd highly recommend a swaddling blanket like the Miracle Blanket. Some babies fight it horribly but my son was in it from 2mos until almost 6mos and loved it. I had friends who's 8-9-10mo babies still were in a Miracle Blanket! LOL It gives them a snuggly warm feeling and you can also sleep with it for a few nights to get your scent on it.

Def. do what's best for you and your baby, if it feels right than that's what matters.
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