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Re: Is co-sleeping that bad?

Originally Posted by dluciew View Post
After reading those articles now I feel so bad that I tried the CIO with him. I have noticed he's become more clingy to me since. I hope he can learn to trust me again.
He'll be okay. And I just wanted to point out that in that first article that talks about brain damage, they are referring to newborns, and your baby is much older than that.

And I don't think theres anything wrong with co-sleeping as long as you both are getting sleep. We co-slept for a long time until we moved and I didn't have a bed anymore. I just had a mattress on the floor and to keep from having killer pains in my legs I had to toss and turn, which kept DS up and screaming. (since he liked to stay latched on all night) Anyways, we did CIO for a couple days, and he's fine now. We "co-go", where he falls asleep with me and then I put him in his crib. He sleeps all night, is well tempered, and everythings great. So I wouldn't worry about anything if I were you. Everything will turn out okay.
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