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Re: Need some help with my 3yr old PLer

Originally Posted by stephanie_t8291 View Post
Back in May I started the process of PLing with my dd. At first we tried training pants and that just failed miserably for weeks. I tried rewards, stickers, everything I could think of it just wasn't working. Then one day while I was letting her run around in the buff she runs to her potty chair and pees all by herself. She did it! In my mind I was thinking YES we are over the hump...not so much. She will not have an accident all day if I leave her undressed on the bottom half. But as soon as I put anything on her bottom she has an accident(pee and/or poop) almost immediately. Again we are back to bribing, rewards, stickers, prizes, dances, songs whatever to get her to go to the potty while wearing clothes. But despite all of the effort she will not go to the potty if she has on panties or pants.

I am needing some new ideas on how to get through this part. She can't live her life in the nude. It is fall here in Chicago and a naked butt will be getting very cold soon. How do I bridge the gap of potty trained while in the buff to potty trained while dressed?

Congratulations on the potty training!! I am having the same problem with DS 2 right now. He is three and not even interested. We have begged and bribed and given candy and special stay up late parties and nothing is working. I will try this method FOR SURE!!
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