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Re: Is co-sleeping that bad?

We cosleep with ds and he is 17 months old and it's the best thing ever. We use to do it like half of the night or whenever he woke up first, but it was just much easier to start with him in our bed and just have him stay there. I don't believe in CIO at ALL and I get crap from people for one him sleeping with us and two not CIO....but I don't care, b/c I know it's best for our babes. Trust me they won't WANT to sleep with you until they are in high school or anything.

Also the reason bfing is so easy laying down and the reason your milk production actually peaks at 3 am is b/c it's natural for your baby to sleep right next to you and nurse all night.....

Don't worry I am not worried about the transition, we will worry about it when we get there
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