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Re: Is co-sleeping that bad?

We co-slept with our son from day one. He never slept in a crib (okay maybe once for 1/2 hr) I tried CIO once. He was so terrified for days that I would do it again. I never did. We lived with my in-laws at the time and they gave me so much crap for co-sleeping. He co-slept with us until he was 3 1/2.. about 3 weeks before his sister was born. I put a cot next to our bed and he stayed there until he was just over 4, then I graduated him to his bed in his room. He's done fine. No problems! Our daughter hasn't ever co-slept. She didn't like it and needed her own space. She hasn't really been much of a cuddler either (until very very recently) She's always preferred her own bed. Now they are both in the same room and they sleep 12-13 hrs a night.
I'm not sure what we'll do with this baby... I guess we'll play it by ear. Whatever the baby prefers.
It you are getting sleep and the baby is sleeping, go with it
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