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Re: Chores for your dc?

Originally Posted by mamallama View Post
My two year old has a chore. We have a shoe cabinet, and it is his job to pick up shoes and put them in the cabinet. If I say "it's time to clean up!", he starts looking for the shoes. A lot of the time, he does it w/out being asked, too, and when he takes off his shoes, he puts them right away.

Obviously, he doesn't get an allowance, yet. He'd just eat it, anyway.
That had me ROFL! I'm picturing your two-year-old eating a dollar bill and some quarters while looking around to see if anyone's watching!

My ds doesn't have any chores yet, but he can't even roll over or reliably hold onto a rattle yet. We do believe in chores, though, and he will have some starting early. If I hadn't had chores as a kid I would have never learned to cook for myself!
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