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Re: I feel terrible

Theres a good book that everyone always recommends for delayed/selective vax. I can't remember what it is though. I'm sure someone will pop in with it.

I know how you feel though. DS was fully vaxed up until recently, when I decided to delay most and eliminate some. I would always feel horrible when we got home and he was sick, not to mention the way he would scream at the doctors office. Last time though he only got one shot, his Prevnar, and he went through the day just like any other! He felt great and I felt great. Don't worry though, you're doing a lot better than me! You're starting to research way before I did. Everything will turn out okay, just make sure you try to stick with UNbiased information, which usually means staying away from the internet! There are a few links I'll try to find for you later that are pretty good, but right now I'm going to sleep. Good luck though!
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