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Re: !!HELP!! My 16 month old is an insomniac

Originally Posted by RockinClothBunz View Post
I would definately talk to her ped about this. There may be something going on. DS did something similar and we found out he was having sleep apnea. His tonsils and adenoids were too big for him and he couldn't sleep for more than x amount of hours. He got to the point that he was just used to waking up at that time and thinking it was time to stay up. Like how kids wake up at similar times in the morning. He got his surgery and once he was recovered, he's never slept better. He is still one who wakes up at night for a drink of water but he no longer stays up for hours at a time. I tried all the things you have tried also except the car ride, he hated the car at that time.

Thanks mama!! My husband is always saying I don't need to take them in for that and respond with it's $20 to make me feel better. Your comment justifies a visit too. My husband has had surgery on his tonsils and adnoids too so I will mention it.
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