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Question "Recycled" dipe-making?

I've been using mostly PF's with Prorap and Bumkin covers during the day, FB's at night, with all three of my little ones...but I'm really wanting to venture into diaper making for myself, especially since I now have a working sewing machine in the house! I've got a decent serger too, so I should be set!

DH is not all that thrilled about me investing in a ton of high-quality fabrics just yet, he wants me to do some trial and error with cheaper stuff first.

SOOO........I'm thinking that this giant stash of flannel receiving blankets is about to be "repurposed"! I'm in Germany, so I don't really have ready access to my standby craft and fabric stores, I'm kind of limited to what I've got. I did find a new item in our post exchange the other day that really surprised me, though--microfiber "dusting cloths" for a buck a piece!!!

Here's what I'm thinking...I've already got covers, so fitteds would be an easy way to go--and the covers would hide any boo-boos or ugly fabrics. I could make doublers out of a couple of layers of flannel and a microfiber towel and then sandwich it inside the diaper, right? I'm hoping to at least make a few fitteds for my older girls, both of whom are still in dipes. I goofed when I ordered the premium PF's and I'm not liking the European PF's I ended up with...therefore I'm not enjoying CD'ing with the older girls as much as I am with the newborn. Time to fix that!

Have any of you recycled fabrics you already have on hand to make dipes? Is there a pattern that would lend itself more toward recycled materials? What other fabrics would you use in dipes? How about old t-shirts? With seven of us in the house, there are a LOT of possibilities for recycling! I know where to start, but it would be great to have a few suggestions or been-there-done-that's.
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