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Re: "Recycled" dipe-making?

Cool link! I think I'd seen that a while back before I had access to a sewing machine and all it did was make me sad that I couldn't sew!

Does anybody know if I can repurpose old sweatshirt fleece? Would they make halfway decent stay-dry (ish) liners?

Ooooh, another query since I seem to be surrounded by gals who love wool...can recycled wool sweaters (or in my case, icky wool Army blankets ) be made into velcro wrap-style covers? See, I'm a big chicken when it comes to covers...I've had way too much BAD experience with pull-ons of any sort, so I would prefer to stay with wrap covers, and I'd love to get my foot in the woolen diaper door without forking out the big bucks for the name-brand wool covers or going with longies. Suggestions? Is there something I need to do to prep the wool? Is there like a Diaper Wool 101 class I can sign up for?

I just found out that our base's thrift shop is doing a bag sale--all thrift shop property (dontations, expired consignments) is $3 for every paper bag I can fill, so I'm planning on going NUTS tomorrow when they open. Anything by way of fabrics that I need to look for other than wool sweaters and flannel and t-shirts?
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