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Re: Chores for your dc?

My son is 3yo & he has chores... although a lot of htem aren't chores so much as they are his hygeiene responsibilities... but he has a picture chart & it's easy for him to look at the pictures. He gets rewarded with red or green "choices" which are just circles that get placed on the chart. I don't do allowances. During the week he can pick from a jar where he can have other rewards where he can pick other circles from the jar where it might say "special time with mom" or "pick out a treat from the store" or something like that... something we were gonna do anyway. I don't like paying him for things b/c I saw my brother learn that he would get $ for everything & now he is 18 & won't get off the couch unless he has $ handed to him... & even then not unless it's a good enough amount of $. He's so lazy! Anyway... sorry to ramble! LOL

Some of his chores include:

Teeth brushing
Setting the table
Clearing the table
Empty the trash cans (like the ones from the bathroom that are just a shopping bag size)
Picking up his toys from the living room & taking to his bedroom
Putting his clothes in the laundry
Taking a bath
Putting his bath toys away
Hanging up his bath towel

Sometimes he will get misc jobs here & there like a wet rag to wipe the counter or something. You also have to keep in mind that most times I go after him and do the job again b/c he is still learning but I don't do it while he can see me - it's usually after he's gone to bed or something. It's really hard for a neat freak like me to be patient & let him to something instead of me just doing it all together but he needs to learn.
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