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Re: Need some PL help please!!

DS is a lot younger at 10 months, but he doesn't mind being wet most of the time as we'd mostly done prefolds before and those aren't condusive to feeling dry anyway. His inspiration is pleasing mama and the praise. Whenever we go to the potty he says "goo ba" for "good boy" Now he whines when he has to pee and gets this look of fear at not being able to be a "good boy" when he has to pee.

I'd suggest writing down every time she gets wet to get an idea of how often she's wetting. Then, put her on the potty every X minutes/hours based on her schedule. It'll take a bit of work (what doesn't though?) but she will likely begin to associate peeing with the potty. It might help bridge the gap of understanding without having to conquer the harder task of making her dislike being wet
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