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Re: malicious software trying to install on my computer while surfing on DS 2x today.

Originally Posted by oliviab View Post
I have to send my pc in to get the spyware removed it is so bad.It started happening to me to after it went down.I now have to pay $80 to get it fixed.Im not to happy with ds right now!! Im gonna have to stay away from the site till they fix the prob,Which is sad for me since Im on here all the time!
Me too! I downloaded some new spyware with antivirus and it recognizes the bug, but it is not eradicating it. Frustrating! I am on my laptop right now and if my husband knew about it, he would not be impressed.

I don't know if there is anything that the techs can do. The "hackers" will just reinfect ds. I think the best thing we can do is not click on questionable links and get some good spyware/adware with antivirus.

My husband read that the hackers make money from advertising companies when they are able to get our computers to "click" on advertisements. That is exactly what my virus is doing. It hijacked my internet browser and opens up 10 advertisements as soon as I log onto the internet. It will just keep going unless I shut it down. It really sucks!

I hope my tech guy can get my cpu figured out and make it bulletproof bc I can't imagine life without ds at this point.
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