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Re: Need some PL help please!!

My DD sounds like yours (except for the being interested part, lol). She will come in and sit (diapered) on her potty when I go to the bathroom, but nothing ever happens. It's just a novel imitation thing to do for her. She's in coverless prefolds most of the time and doesn't care at all about being wet. I tried ECing multiple times (she never gave any cues or signals or anything), I tried writing down her schedule (or lack thereof), I read Diaper Free Before Three, etc. Nothing "worked." I gave up. I still talk about it every so often w/ her, but not like I used to. I figure that I'll revisit it when she's 4. Diapers "work" for us for now and I'm not going to rush into something that's going to take months and months. I've come to accept that she may very well be in diapers until she's 4 or 5 or older. I'm OK with that. I don't have daycare as a "resource" to help her learn (w/ peer pressure and trained teachers and whatnot) so I think that's part of the reason she will be late.

But a few months ago, I was very frustrated. I'd heard that cloth diapers make PLing easier. I'd also heard that girls are easier. Mom trained me and my sisters by the time we were 18 months. So all those combined, I thought that surely DD would be completely PL'd by the time she was 2. We're two months away from that "goal" and it is SO not happening. Oh well.
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