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Re: Need some PL help please!!

I think most people have an unrealistic expectation that a child will PL around the age of 2. Maybe, but I think 3 is a more reasonable guess. And I think if a child is really unaffected by being wet and doesn't even notice it, they are probably not ready to start PL yet. I would just let her sit on the potty when she wants and feed that initial interest without going gung-ho with panties and all that. My dd seemed totally unready and then totally out of the blue just "got it" and started going all on her own after I put her in panties to air out a nasty diaper rash. She was accident free for weeks. But now we're two months into it and she's having accidents left and right. She understands how it all works but sometimes chooses to keep playing or whatever rather than go pee.
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