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Re: malicious software trying to install on my computer while surfing on DS 2x today.

Originally Posted by Mommyk8 View Post
This happened to me this morning. It only showed the background and DS across the top and then went to multiple pop ups wanting to install and anti spyware anti phishing device. I ended up having to shut down the internet to get it gone.
Thanks for the update. We are still working on the issue and will keep everyone updated.

If you are posting problem reports in this thread can you please specify what browser you have and your anti-virus/spyware if you have it installed. Also, if you happen to be affected, please take a screen shot! This is the most effective way for us to track down the offending ad!

You can take a screen shot by pressing 'PrintScreen' or 'PrtScrn' on your keyboard. Then, open MS Word and press 'CTRL-C' to copy the image into a Word document. If you have screen shots, please PM me!


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