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Re: Need some PL help please!!

By 21 months my son was definitely interested in pottying and would sometimes coem and get us when he was wet or dirty. This is what we did. We spent three days around the house learning about going potty by wearing undies and pants. (He showed more of a reaction when he was wearing pants because the pee would run down his legs as there's a lot more sensation involved in that rather than just peeing on the floor. It's also less messy.) So he was in undies and pants for three days and I would take him to the potty about once an hour. For three days he peed all over himself and never in the potty. On the last evening he peed in the potty twice, so I thought, "ah-ha! He's finally figured out *how* to pee." so I decided we'd keep it up the next day too. The next day he peed on himself all morning and we so we decided to quit and that he wasn't ready. We stopped for three days, totally back in diapers. After the diapered weekend, I was calm again, and decided we'd go back to what we were doing initially, which was just sitting him on the potty a few times a day. The first time we put him on the potty he peed and we were on a roll. It's now a month later and we've never had a day with more than two accidents. He's still using diapers for sleeping and nighttime and we're working on public restrooms. Right now, he "tries" everytime I put him on the potty and everyday is getting better about letting me know when he needs to go. I don't know if that helps you or not, but I really think that our three days of undies/pants helped him to learn the feeling of needing to pee and it just takes a little time and effort for them to understand how their body works. good luck!
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