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Re: Need some PL help please!!

Dd did that too. We started PLing with naked time. As in, basically naked for the first week at home and no undies or trainers, just pants or a skirt when we had to go out. And little pressure. Pressure or tons of attention stressed dd out. But for the undies bit, we had to go naked, and then after a week and a half of naked or just dresses/pants, she started asking for underwear, and has been pretty good about keeping them dry

ETA: We tried this a couple months ago but would put her in diapers for outings and when friends came over, and she just prefered peeing whenever in the diapers and undies were no different. So when she turned 3, we said you're a big girl, you know how to use the potty so no more diapers, and that was it! She had two more diapers with dh that evening and that was it, no more diapers. She would have an accident first thing in the morning for the first two days, and then got into the potty groove. We kept her diaper-free even at night, with a fleece blanket under her, with the potty by her bed, and she's dry at night about 40% of the time and getting better!
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