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Re: Twin ultrasound pic!

I'm really glad we ended up going in early, the US tech said we probably won't get another good pic of the two of them. LOL So it's special to see.

Apparently twins DO run in the family...LMBO My mom had twins (kids #6 & #7) but there was continual debate as to whether it was genetic or just a result of multiple pregnancies and her being 37 at the time, both of which drastically increase your odds of having twins. I think we've answered the question, though!

There are still a LOT of unanswered questions as far as labour/deliver and my caregiver, etc...I hope to know more early next week, after my midwife gets the ultrasound report. If everything looks lowrisk, then I should be able to continue with them midwives, at least for awhile. If there's any concerns, they might have to consult with an OB; if there's major concerns, then my care is transfered to an OB. Time will tell.

My hope would be a natural delivery -- I've given birth naturally twice, so I know I can do it -- but it all depends on things like when I go into labour, the position of the twins, etc. I think I'm going to have to learn some flexibility.

Thanks for letting me share this with you all...means a lot to me to be able to have others experience it, too! Helps it seem more real, kwim?
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