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Re: Just need some hugs b/c it's never going to happen - "regression" in #10

My mom has told me that she never trained us. She didn't do anything that pushed us to using the potty other than maybe having a potty chair for us to use. I think she would let us come in when she was using the potty so that we could see but otherwise, she just let us train when we were ready. It would just happen (kind of like walking, you know?). For me, I was almost four and my younger sister was around the same age too and again, that was just on our own, deciding when WE were ready.

We did "introduce" Natalie to the potty and she had her stages when she was younger when she went in it a couple of times. Then she stopped. She was letting us know about her diapers and stuff at least but she wasn't always ready. She's been doing pretty well with potty learning since she was about 29 months old. But, she's regressed too and when she regressed, it took two months to get her back to where she was at before she regressed. And that was from spending a week at my sister's. We're moving. I'm spending a month or so with my sister and then we'll be joining my husband in South Korea. I'm preparing for a regression. She may or she may not. I potty learned after my grandpa died and I was staying with someone else. She does wear mostly panties or nothing but she gets diapers when we go out and at bedtime.

There does seem to be a lot of pressure to have kids potty learned ASAP. This can backfire though. Don't let the pressure get to you, give your little one time. She'll let you know when she's ready.
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