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Re: Just need some hugs b/c it's never going to happen - "regression" in #10

It seems to me that for most kids, if you start early, it takes a long time, but if you start later, it goes more quickly.

With our daughter, she started to get really interested around 2.5, and if she hadn't had a pooping-in-the-potty fear (she was afraid it would hurt, long story), she would have been day trained in 2 months. As it was, she was pee trained in 2 months, but poop took another 2 months.

Our son started to get interested around 18 months, but I'm sure it'll take a long time. He does pee in the potty several times a day, but never poops there.

One thing that's been interesting for me is that because my expectations are lower, I'm actually finding the process with him a lot less frustrating. I expected my daughter to be able to do it, while I don't really expect him to be able to, so I find it easier not to feel like we ought to be making more progress, that I ought to be doing something to move things along, etc.
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