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Re: Potty training

My DD (she is 28 mos now) was kinda like the pp. She would go a couple times and then give us a hard time about it and cry. I knew she was ready because she would hold it for hours (so she was only going a couple times a day) and she would hide when she had to do #2.
Finally one Saturday morning out of the blue, I told her she was going to wear big girl underpants that day and I hid the diapers. So she did and she went on to pee on the floor several times that day. She peed in the car, she peed all over the place. Then once she was wet she came to me. I did not scold her. We cleaned up the mess and sat on the potty for a minute and continued about our business. It took a couple days before it clicked with her that when she had the pee feeling to tell someone and to go potty. That was about 4 weeks ago. Since then she has an accident every once in a while (maybe once a week). Usually wakes up dry in the morning. She is doing great!

So, I would say to introduce it. Don't force her. When you notice her holding it for a long time, I would say that is the time to start more agressively. But you have to totally elimate the diapers (except at night) or it doesn't work (I found).


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