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Re: Is co-sleeping that bad?

I think you need to do what is right for your family. When DS was only two weeks old we both fell asleep in the bed. I then woke up to him falling off my chest. I caught him just in time. Since that point I was very nervous to have him sleep with us. When he got older I would bring him in but, he never slept good with us. He slept better in his crib. Now that he's two and has a toddler bed, their are some nights he wakes up and comes in and sleeps with us. His room is right next to ours. He even sleeps good with us now. I never let him CIO. If he did start crying I would wait for a few mins to see if it stopped. Sometimes he would just wake up cry for a few mins then off back to sleep. If he didn't stop then I would go get him.
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