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Re: When did you leave your kids...

Our church doesn't have a nursery(my MIL says they don't believe in having them in this church) and there are tons of families with young kids to older kids as well. All kids stay in the service with their parents, however, this past year they've been doing a kids session when the kids pre k thru 4th grade go to another room for a kids story. But we do have what they call a cry room. And that is where you can still see and hear the service but it is a sound proof room where you can sit with your little ones and they can play, eat,nurse or what ever. My 3 yr old usually takes a catnap in mine or dady's arms during the sermon and is upbeat and happy for the music! We hardly ever use the cry room.

We did visit another church and left our son in the nursery, he was over a year old. He was crying so much and the church staff didn't know who we were or where we were sitting to find us (and he was only in there for like 10 minutes when I went in to check on him). They have now invested in the pager system because of my child. We've gone back a few times and he just stays with us...but then again he's too old for the nursery and is very clingy with dh and I.

For me it just feels un-natural to be in a service without my youngest...I'm so used to having him with me, it would just feel weird if he wasn't there.

I did go to a friends baptism without dh or my son(they were sick) and it felt so weird sitting there without my son in my arms.
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