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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: Twin ultrasound pic!

awwwwwww i wanted twins!!! my first pg i wanted twins, then my second they actually checked me for twins b/c my uterus was too large, but no just one baby . this one i was really banking on it but no again. i was super hoping too b/c i was watching discovery channel a couple months before i became pg and i saw a thing on twins, apparently 65% of pg's start out as twins and many more of us have that "rare" disorder of two different strands of dna b/c of losing a twin in the begining of a pg. not to creep anyone out! just letting you all know it's MUCH more common than we think! also on that show i learned that ONLY fraternal twins is actually a hereditary thing, identical just kinda randomly happens.
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