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Re: When did you leave your kids...

Ugh...the nursery dilema!!

I have a 2 year old little girl that LOVES other "babies".....HOWEVER.....EVERY SINGLE TIME I have dropped her off in the nursery (which has only been about three times) she has gotten sick the next day

I am a FREAK about my kids getting sick from other kids....I know...I know... they are gonna get sick but there is nothing I cannot STAND more than people who drop off their kids to the nursery and they have boogies running down to their chin and they are hacking all over other kids....grrrr

As far as my youngest (almost six months old)...I have NEVER left him in the nursery...he is EBF and I just assume to keep him with me than to have a bunch of people or other babies all over him and getting him sick (again, the wierd "germ" thing I have)

I actually just got realllllllllllllllllly mad at my half-sister as her two year old is ALWAYS sick....I swear that kid has a perma-cough!!! She is sooooooooo frustrating!! She actually doesn't think twice about him coughing all over my kids and others. IN fact, when I told her that my kids just got the same cough and horrid runny nose that her son had she just responds "oh....well, its good for kids to get sick and build up their immunities"...grrrrrr

Some mommas!!
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