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Re: Failure to thrive

I haven't tried nursing in the shower but I often nurse her in the tub. She just doesn't suck effectively the past 2 days. Im an instant paci.

Im taking fenugreek, more milk plus, eating LOTS of oatmeal, pumping often and had a beer (normally that boosts my supply by the morning).

My midwife said she had a slight yellow color a few days after birth but it was very mild. I didnt even notice it and we arent 100% sure she was yellow at all. Even the midwife said that. Afterall, she was WEARING yellow lol.

I am determined. I will NOT give up. I think that's why this is so hard for me. If I could bring myself to just give in and WANT to give in then this wouldn't be an issue. The fact is though, I do NOT WANT TO! I want this to work out so bad that im willing to go without sleep..without showers, without me time, without anything. My world revolves around breast feeding.

I hate that I feel out of control. That if this doesn't work out, my milk dries up (even with all my work), there's nothign I can do about it. That doesn't make me feel better. It makes me feel worse.

When I pump, all of a sudden my left side isn't responding to the pump. The right side is only getting about 1/4 ounce each time.

Im gonna have DH set the alarm clock for me so I can wake every 2 hours to pump as well. Whatever it takes.
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