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Re: Failure to thrive

Originally Posted by ColtonsMama View Post
Awww...I'm so sorry! Your story is so inspirational, and I know I'm a total stranger, but I had to tell you how impressive your strength and determination is.

Also...not sure if this will help at all, but my sis had a "lazy" nurser too, and she accidentally dicovered that nursing in the shower helped keep her lo awake. She obviously couldn't shower at every feeding but it helped her get one really good nursing in per day. Might be worth a try!

Best of luck to you, mama!
I've also heard that it is good in stressful times like this to try nursing in the tub/shower....It relaxs the mama and that helps the milk to flow...I'm not sure if it will help or not but if I pump out in the living room for example I get close to nothing....If I pump in the teeny tiny powder room/ half bath that I have I can almost fill a 4 oz bottle everytime and I rarely pump...I've read that sometimes small spaces help! I know it may be hard for you with a toddler under foot but if you have help you may want to give it a try....there is no distraction, no clock, no one but you and the pump and a magazine/book if you have a close counter!

As far as supplementing goes...if formula makes your DD sick you may want to try goat's milk..I've heard it is closer to human could add a bit of water to make it thinner or leave it as is...a friend of mine's family from a foreign country recommended it to give to her DD because my friend can't BF due to meds...they said formula is rarely used there but a lot of the elders recommend goats milk....I believe it is high in fat as well which may help with the weight gain.....hang in there....we're all here for you!
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