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Re: Failure to thrive

I just pumped again. This time milk came out of my left side. I got a 1/4 ounce on the left and 1/2 ounce on the right. That means both sides gave me 1/4 ounce more then the last time. That's a start!

I've taken 15 fenugreek today, and 2 doses of more milk plus. I also had a large bowl of oatmeal, and a beer.

DH is supporting me and willing to help me through the night. The plan is to set the alarm to go off every 2 hours so I can nurse her at the breast with the SNS, and then pump afterward.

While this means neither of us will be getting much (if any) rest, it's worth it. Haylie deserves the best and I am gonna do what I have to do to give that to her.

Im willing to bet that if I pump every 2 hours, around the clock...for a few days, that I wont need the formula at all. I should be able to suppliment her with my own milk, and then eventually not suppliment at all!
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