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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

Ds is 4 and has been constipated for as long as I can remember. We tried pear juice and decreasing his milk consumption (he would drink 30 oz before breakfast). Neither worked at all. Then we tried mineral oil in orange juice. Didn't work either. Then we tried milk of magnesia on chocolate milk. After a few days of this he would have poop running downhis legs. So I never lasted past a few days because I couldn't see giving it to him when he was so loose already. Most of the time I just ignored the issue becuase he never really complained about it, but was going very very infrequently (as did I when I was a child). I think we also tried Citracel with juice but I don't know if we tried it long enough to see results.

Finally last summer he went a week without going, and was complaining that his "throat" hurt. I brought him into the doctor and he was just really constipated. We had to use a suppository and then started him on miralax. We did that for a few months and things were okay, but as soon as we started decreasing his dosage he would have problems. Eventually we ended up off the miralax and stilll constipated. In Feb. we started giving him a juice box of "Juice + Fibre" every day. It has the fiber of three apples in it. The apple variety he likes, but he tried the orange once and wouldn't drink it. We were doing really well, and he was having a bowel movement every day. We skipped a week in April (but he was drinking tons of juice though that week) and he had problems. Went back on the Juice + Fibre and was fine. Now he seems to be having trouble again despite drinking the juice. We may go back on Miralax.

In all of this ds is still not totally potty trained. He generally keeps it together in school, and wets his pants at home frequently. He poops on the toilet once every few months maybe. He was doing better at some point when he was on miralax. But once the constipation came back, that was it. I was hoping that once we got it under control again he would do better, but he hasn't.

Dd (17 months) is also having constipation problems, starting when she started solids. It stopped for a while when she started taking Zantac in Dec. (She is FTT and they thought she might have reflux). She is still on Zantac now, but the constipation started again a week ago or so. She has been tested for celiac and Hirshprung (sp?) syndrome (which can be a cause of constipation), and doesn't have them. The testing was because of the lack of weight gain, not the constipation. I may have to start going through all of the things we tried with ds to see what we can do.

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