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Re: When will my milk change?

i dunno, im 10 weks and i noticed a TINY bit of difference, but not much, and taste, i dont know if its different but past about 3 times where he gave me funny looks just lie he did when i got my perod back for the first time, hes been fine with it, i started producing colostrum with him around 8 weeks when thomas noticed, so i assume that since i started early with him, thats helpful to my body to not being dried up now if that makes sense?
my friend doest believe im pregnant because he still nurses when he wants to (short of the week or so where it felt like he was trying to gnaw my ipples off again ..ugh!!) and is fie with it , because she got pregnant from what she says before 6 weeks but her kids are 11 month apart, so i dunn when, LOL and her milk dried up with her secod supposedly when she was around 5 weeks opregnant with her third, imo it waws other resos as well, lik her not wanting to bf to begin with and mainly formula feeding because she thinks it has more vitamins, and only pumping occasionally, but shes convinced im lying because of her experience.

ayway not everyone has anything like the same experience, so thats one of those things youre gong to just have to find out about, which believe me, im not so sure i WANT to find out, ill probably have oe quite pissed little tantrum throwing boy if my milk decides to dry up!!
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