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Re: When did you leave your kids...

Originally Posted by amegrl520 View Post
Wow reading some of these responses I feel really blessed to have a church like mine.
See, I was afraid I was making my church out to not look so good. I actually really love my new church and they've never made me feel any pressure to take DD to the nursery. They just ask me about it and I read way too much into things then I automatically think that they think I'm a freak! LOL My old church, however, did give me lots of pressure and made very blunt and rude comments about how I chose to parent my kids.

As far as the nursery goes at my church, it's really not bad. It's just that all of us mothers have different beliefs on how to raise kids and that tends to muddy things up in the nursery a bit. Just like the cheerios and how long a baby should cry before a mom being paged, etc etc. I'm basically the only AP mama at my church so I'm probably the only one who has a problem with the nursery, kwim?

However, we're having a nursery workers meeting next saturday so I think I'll be bringing up some of my issues with them. Not to say that I'll be leaving Presley there anytime soon, but that has more to do with us than with them!
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